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Judge overturns consent for Redrow scheme.
During the Judicial Review Liverpool City Council's barrister agreed that Harthill is part of Calderstones Park.

Outside the Old Bailey Court - Friday 18th January 2019
Left to right: Eric Smith (LOGS director), John Davies (LOGS director), Caroline Williams (Save Calderstones Park campaign), Robin Makin (Solicitor) and Sean Best-Barton (LOGS director).

Liverpool Open and Green Spaces Community Interest Company (LOGS) are delighted to have been successful in the judicial review cases. LOGS agree with and welcome Mayor Anderson's prompt response:

"The first thing to say about today's Judicial Review statement is that the
Harthill scheme is dead. It will not be resurrected. In any form.
(mayoral statement in full)

Calderstones Park has been saved from being developed by Redrow.

The final Judgment approved by the court (27 page pdf report) LOGS v. LCC can be downloaded here.

Further details to follow regarding the defendants written application for leave to appeal - particularly the interpretation of Policy OE3 (Green Wedge).

How the press and media covered this historic Court decision:

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Liverpool Echo - 18th January 2019

Liverpool Echo - 23th January 2019

Save Calderstones Campaign

LOGS would like to thank the many hundreds of people who have donated to help fund the legal costs and barristers fees in order to mount a robust legal challenge to help save Calderstones Park.

We also thank all those who have freely given their expertise and time for the campaign; LOGS have worked closely with the Save Calderstones Campaign support group whose tireless efforts in both fund raising and awareness raising have been so crucial.


LOGS have challenged the legality of plans, approved by the Council, to build a luxury housing estate on 13 acres of protected green wedge - including Calderstones Park and Beechley green space. The openness of our green space and the integrity of Calderstones Park will be damaged irrevocably if any of these building plans are allowed to proceed. The 'orchard' paddocks and former Botanical Gardens (& later green recycling depot) at Harthill are part of Calderstones Park and along with the Beechley horse paddocks these represent an important part of our undeveloped Green Wedge.

These building plans will harm the openness of the Calderstones/Woolton Green Wedge (Policy OE3) and will have a high impact on the character and visual amenity of Calderstones Park.

Loss of Open Green Space and Mature Trees

Calderstones Park is arguably the best public garden in England. It is known for it’s collections of scarce trees and shrubs. If building plans go ahead many tree species will be lost. 105 trees will be felled, many mature trees will be removed or harmed in the building process. Images of some of the trees to be removed or damaged can be found here.


Buy an art picture of a tree at Calderstones

Help fund LOGS ongoing challenges and invest in the future by purchasing a museum quality print. These are 'portraits' of trees planned for removal if housing plans proceed. Click here to see pictures and details.

Previous Legal Actions

During 2017 the directors of LOGS kick-started the challenge by funding the expenses of LOGS and we are delighted that the High Court has granted us a Judicial Review to challenge the decision to site a miniature railway, the size of a football pitch, on Calderstones Park and the Calderstones/Woolton Green Wedge. Moving the miniature railway from it's existing site is required to allow the first phase of the building development.
See: See a summary of the Miniature Railway Judicial Review application and a map plan of Calderstones Park in context with the northern part of the Calderstones/Woolton Green Wedge.

Photographs of the Harthill application site from February 2018

Thank you for your support

Liverpool Open and Green Spaces would like to thank everyone who has already donated to the fighting fund and for those who applied to become a Friend of LOGS. We welcome volunteers who can spare time to help give leaflets to the many people who visit the park who are unaware of the plans to build a housing estate on our popular park.

Capacity turn-out for the Public Meeting on 29th January 2018. Thank you everyone who filled All Hallows Church Hall to hear what can be done to stop the housing estate on Calderstones Park - we received a very positive response. There is no doubt that Calderstones Parkland, green space and the Calderstones/Woolton Green Wedge will be damaged irrevocably if these development plans are allowed to proceed.

"They’re trying to build a housing estate on one side of Calderstones Park and a railway on the other. Let’s STOP them! Support LOGS challenge to save our park." Jimmy McGovern (Award winning author who previously helped to preserve part of Calderstones Park).

Details of the planning application for Calderstones: application no.16F/2049 can be found in 'Related Documents' from LCC's Planning Explorer here.

The Save Calderstones Park Campaign have joined forces with LOGS and together with your help we intend to stop building plans on our parkland.

Save Harthill and Calderstones Park Facebook page


Please give a donation to help fund LOGS ongoing challenges:

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Court costs and legal fees are expensive and we are continuing to fund raise to help cover the ongoing legal and other costs to save and enhance Calderstones Park and our open & green spaces.


LOGS is a community interest company run by dedicated volunteers.
It does not operate for profit but for the benefit of the community.
LOGS are not affiliated to any political party.

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